If I had a physical shop, this would be the grand opening of my second branch. Launching  a website and an online shop might seem a minor achievement to some, but I couldn’t be any prouder.

My name is Yamila and I opened my printables shop in Etsy 5 years ago today. I was a bit lost back then to be honest. So many things to consider and so any areas to specialize myself in! Besides that, I was only 21(!). I had been working at a print shop for a year while studying to get my translation degree. My daily schedule was an absolute nightmare. I woke up super early to work and got home really late, so I decided I had to find a job that was flexible enough to allow me to keep studying.

I was shopping one day and I found Etsy. A wonderful platform for an entrepreneur-to-be and  for someone starting in the wonderful world of freelancing. That was that! Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I realized that I loved themed parties and designing invitations and party decor so I specialized in that. I worked really hard and my shop started growing at a slow but steady pace. I got my translation degree, but by then, I knew what my real passion was…

5 years from the day I opened my online shop at Etsy, I find myself launching my very own website. It is a work of love, it isn’t quite finished yet and I hope to be adding many new things soon, but I’ve worked very hard with it and I’m quite proud. I hope you like it!

In this years, I’ve learned so many things about being an entrepreneur. You’re a master of all trades, you learn a lot about customer service and graphic design, a bit of marketing, copywriting, design, accounting, languages and then some. My business has allowed me to be with my family, to travel, to study and to live to the fullest. I’m very grateful for that and for every customer who has trusted me with a design for their special moment.

Thank you so much for reading the story of Rebecca Designs Co. Here’s a little gift for you to celebrate with me!

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